Scrament of Marriage


Marriage as an institution of nature is considered by Christian theology to be essentially good because it was founded by the Creator at the beginning of human history.
As a sacrament, it is a means of encountering Christ in a special way and of bringing about the salvation of the spouses. The theology of Vatican II and the revised Code of Canon Law (1983) refer to marriage as a vocation (Canon 226.1), through which married persons work for the building up of the Body of Christ in a special way.
Marriage as a commitment or act is acknowledged in both civil society and law and Church society and law. This is primarily because of the role it plays in the welfare of Church and society. For this reason, both secular and religious institutions have enacted laws for the regulation of marriage. These laws treat of requirements for marriage as well as standards for the way spouses relate to and treat each other.


Couples preparing for the sacrament will inform the priest at least six months in advance. They will attend one of the marriage programs offered. At least one person in the couple will be a baptized Christian, or, if not baptized, willing to receive instructions and be baptized.  If the couples are not members of the parish they will be willing to become members, and be registered in the Church before their wedding.  Couples are advised to check with the priest before setting the date for the sacrament.  “Management” we should remember “does not sustain marriage.  It is only God that can and does ‘FIX’ all marriages.  Couples will learn to let go for God to bless their marriage.”

It should be borne in mind that all emphasis should be on the spiritual benefits that the celebration of the sacrament brings rather than on the temporal and material benefits. The Sacrament of Marriage is the covenant of a Man and a Woman committed to each other through Christ, involving a partnership of Life and Love.


Preparing for Marriage means making the effort of getting to know yourself and your partner better so you can build a marriage that is right for both the of you.  It involves everyone by being able to understand, communicate, recognize, grow, explore and share in this relationship that is marked by three very special qualities: Fidelity, Commitment and Permanence. Why is it important to prepare for marriage? Because getting married may be the most important decision you will make. Preparing for marriage now will help you feel more secure in your new role as wife or husband. It will also help you recognize and avoid common pitfalls, resolve conflict so small problems will not become major ones. Creating for you and your spouse a lifestyle that is mutually satisfying. With your effort now, you can create a marriage that is lasting and loving! Here are some helpful reminders to assist you in getting started.


Make arrangements to speak to your Pastor about your wedding.

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